NEXT STOP: Winton Raceway

2020 Round 2, VIC, June 5-7


THE PAYNER DIXON TOURING Car Masters have locked in their technical package for the foreseeable future as part of broader plans to contain costs for competitors.

Key to this is the introduction of an optional control TCM powerplant that can serve as a reliable, long-lasting and affordable option for competitors not willing or able to develop their own engines.

The six-litre engine is based on a Chevrolet ‘LS’ block and built to series specifications, with a control camshaft, dry sump, cylinder heads and carburettor.

The engine produces 600hp and 650NM of Torque and costs under $25,000 as supplied by the category following dyno testing and sealing.

Alternatively, competitors can build their own engine to the supplied specifications for potential further changes.

The TCM engine will be available for all V8 powered cars in the category regardless of manufacturer.  

The new engine is offered as an alternative to the current powerplants, with no plans to replace existing engines already competing.

“The greatest challenge for all classes of motorsport, especially those competing as a national series, is containing costs,” said Touring Car Masters category manager, Tony Hunter.

“There’s only so much series management can do about travel costs, and these are compounded by higher costs when competing nationally. It is important for our sponsors and partners to compete at the highest level – on the Supercars calendar – but at the same time entry and TV costs are proportioned accordingly.

“Offering assistance in technical areas can reduce the build and running costs of the cars and that is our focus.

“The new engine is a cost-effective way to produce the right level of performance these cars now require, without going to the expense of building your own engine. We have no plans to alter the specification and freedoms already allowed, but offering this alternative can be a cost-effective way to compete.”

The remainder of the category Technical regulations remain stable with only ‘housekeeping’ changes reflected in the 2019 rulebook.

“The cars have for some time been allowed many freedoms with relation especially to the front and rear suspension,” Hunter said.

“This allows for people to come up with their own designs and ideas about getting performance which is within the spirit of the category.

 These regulations have been stable for three years and will continue to be so, without any need for further ‘expensive’ componentry.”

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